About us

Company Overview

BGB International, with headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania is one of the region's most comprehensive marketing and distribution companies with operations in more than 16 countries.

BGB International offers brand development and distribution solutions from product conceptualization through commercialization, BGB International is a world-class provider of the following services:

  • Product and Marketing Research

  • Marketing and Distribution Services

  • Brand Development

  • Risk Management Services

  • Commercialization Services

BGB International - Meeting Your Needs

Our Sales and marketing teams are constantly on the look for highly innovative products, new to our market.  BGB International knows the significant pressures companies of all sizes face in developing, launching and/or selling products in the CIS and Baltic markets. Committed to meeting our customer's /supplier's needs, BGB International offers unparalleled experience and results.

With a business built around the customer's and suppliers' needs, our infrastructure and expertise means high standards designated to help bring products to market as quickly, safely and cost effectively as possible.

Our infrastructures, which consist of a decentralized distribution network, in addition to our sales force, allow us to reach all the Customers.